Kay Jay Smith

Hello and Welcome To My Page!

About Me

My Background

I grew up an Army Brat and graduated from Fort Knox High School. After graduation,  I skipped college and ended up staying in Houston, TX where God blessed me to raise two wonderful children. Throughout my career I've worked as a Corporate Trainer, Performance Analyst and several other positions. I've worked in the airline industry for many years; I love it! 

My Why

I started HerJourney Publishing Company  in 2010 when I couldn't find an affordable publisher for my book, LOYAL.  I realized that others probably needed help as well. My goal was to help new authors get into print. I started a  weekly online talk show called Ladylike Conversations in 2011, which highlighted a variety of guests with stories to share with world. In 2012, I became a Flight Attendant. I took a break from writing and publishing to focus on family and flying in 2013.   In 2014, my first two grandchildren were born and my whole life changed. A major medical setback in 2015 made me realize that I needed to leave something behind not only for them and their parents, but for generations to come. Family over everything.

My Favorite Things

I love traveling and I love watching classic movies in bed.  That is exactly what rare off day consists of.  I am now "Sunshine" to four beautiful grandchildren.  My favorite color is red, but it is quickly jumping over to the yellow family. Even though I live in Texas, the Caribbean is one of my favorite places to be.