Kay Jay Smith

Hello and Welcome To My Page!


The Speaker

God blessed me with the gift of gab.  I've always been drawn to positions where I get to speak to others.  My life experiences have enabled me to speak to a variety of people on many different levels.  

Contact me today if you are in need of: 

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Ceremonial Speaker
  • Informative Speaker

The Books

I am the author of two fabulous books. Both are available in paperback and eBook format. I also created two journals for you to write, draw, color and CREATE!

LOYAL is historical fiction during the Hurricane Katrina era.  It focuses on the Johnson family's survival, struggles as well as the love and loyalty that held them together.  It is a fascinating read.

SO YOU WANT TO BE A FLIGHT ATTENDANT is a project I took on once I realized so many people want to become a Flight Attendant, but have no idea what that entails.  Before a person turns their whole world upside down to take this dream job, they should read this book to see if the job is really for them.

The Courses

I periodically offer companion courses for the SO YOU WANT TO BE A FLIGHT ATTENDANT book online.  It is a more interactive course where participants can receive answers to questions that may not be in the book.  All courses will be announced here and on all of my social media platforms with instructions on how to sign up.


The T-shirts

When I'm not in uniform or getting dressed up, I'm usually in a t-shirt.  I love novelty tees and I've made a few that you may enjoy.  You can order them from ETSY soon!